Aims & Objectives

  • to promote the welfare of the disabled by encouraging and teaching the skill of swimming

  • to overcome fear of water, give confidence and enjoyment from swimming for disabled people of all ages 

  • to provide water therapy that benefits the disabled

  • to provide the opportunity for those who are interested to train for and

  • participate in Galas with other disabled swimming clubs

People getting into a swimming pool safely

We are affiliated to the Halliwick Association for Swimming Therapy (HAST) which has been established for nearly 60 years.

This is a National organisation which has developed principles, methods and training to provide water skills and to teach swimming to people with disabilities. It also provides a framework of Clubs throughout Wales (and the rest of the UK) with whom we can participate in swimming Galas.  A unique handicap system allows individuals of any capability to compete against others on a fair & equal basis.

Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy provides Public Liability insurance to cover members whilst involved in Club activities. Visit the Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy website at

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Affiliated to the Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy